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Internet For Things


“Clayster is not satisfied by only connecting things to the internet”

Clayster is not satisfied by only connecting things to the internet as a means of transporting data between machines (M2M), and thus creating an Internet of Things. Clayster wants to create an Internet For Things, helping all Things on the Internet to maximize their true potential. Internet For Things requires much more from the Internet than simple connectivity and data transport. It provides mechanisms for distributed architectures, interoperability, discovery, security, provisioning, lifecycle management, ownership control, protocol bridging, handling resource constrained devices and environments, intermittent resources, communication patterns, semantic web technologies and grid computing, etc. The future of Internet For Things does not lie in placing more intelligence centralized in the cloud, but in distributing it in the network, close to the things, forming neural networks, where the Internet provides the infrastructure to make it possible. Clayster can help you achieve this vision.

Peter Waher Co-Founder, CTO


With trillions of things connected on the Internet we must normalize how things communicate. Today Internet Of Things is a question of technology rather then business innovations. You don’t have to answer those questions of technology when you work with us; instead you can go straight on the business opportunity. With us you can choose any protocol or technology, and we normalize it into unified fabrics for everything to coexist. That’s what Internet For Things is about.

Rikard Strid Co-Founder, CEO