Our story has no beginning nor has it an end...

… it’s about the people we are in the moment and the people we look forward to becoming. Clayster envisions a future where the physical and digital worlds are forged into a singular experience. The connected world will rest on a fabric of semantic data, the pre-fabricate bits of information that combine to form physical expressions. All that is physical will be represented digitally and merged with the conceptual from which one will assemble new, endlessly unique structures. This is our common goal.

We want the status quo to evolve – we want to revive the potential in a vision that has been stagnating. When the physical and the digital worlds meld their capabilities, the virtual becomes tangible, generating an enormous flush of new business opportunities and fuller experiences. We want to grow the existing centralized foundations into vast distributed networks. Our story is about how anyone will be able to produce trusted physical reality from conceptual musing – anything, anyplace, anytime.

We believe

… in a world where physical and digital is one.


We exist

… to provide digital life to the physical world with uncompromising security and privacy.

We create

…and sell products that secure trust in the transactions between physical and digital entities enabling them to exchange value and new opportunities to emerge.

Our core


We meet everyone with the same level of respect and honesty.


We always do our best to create lasting relationships.


We encourage ourselves and others to do better.


We seek to nurture each person’s unique genius and marry that into our shared vision. We believe that power is exponentially advanced when individuality flourishes- when a common vision enhances personal self-actualization rather than displacing it. Clayster was created in a company where you get to be your best self – where creativity arises from who you want to be rather than what you have to do. We want you to challenge, to thrive and to help develop our shared belief in meshing the physical with the digital. If you are ready to be your best self, we want you.