Our product is the foundation for physical and digital entities to conduct transactions. A product that unlocks new business opportunities that were previously infeasible. When entities are able to communicate with other trusted entities, an era of opportunities emerges.


The greatest challenge is the inability to share data and information either inside or outside organisations without compromising trust. When the equation contains physical entities, it gets even more complicated. The reason is the way most systems are designed. Now that data is becoming the most valuable of resources, it’s no longer a question; it’s a matter of fact that data should be available anytime and anywhere in real-time. Security and privacy are also significant issues. Who is the rightful owner of the data? Vertically designed systems are not only out of fashion, they’re also a threat to an organisation. The question is how if it will be possible or even if it will be possible to transition from a legacy company into a digital company and still represent trust.


Our product is all about trust. We want to help you secure your physical assets’ transition into the digital world and secure any transaction they may conduct with others. The word generic is important to us; it symbolizes our product designs. Our technology assures you that the physical and digital will connect and exchange values on a secure semantic fabric of interoperability and scale. We help you harmonize your assets to be accessible to those in your trusted circle. Generic is the new horizontal and we want you to join us on the journey towards a world that values security and privacy.